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Apr 09, 2007 Dedication to Petster
Apr 09, 2007 For Jake
Apr 09, 2007 Smileys
Apr 08, 2007 Mamas B day
Apr 08, 2007 Happy Easter
Apr 04, 2007 Sorry.....

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Wednesday Apr 04, 2007 06:26:00 PM

Guys im so sorry for that rude blog and BanditsMamii4lyfe belongs to ma sister Asia so deal wit her not me

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Posted By: ♥Smores♥ 2007/04/08 12:04:15 PM
thanks for agreeing i love my dog

Posted By: 2007/04/05 06:01:38 PM
But i dont understand, why steal pics of other pitties? dont you love smores? she is the cutest pittie ive seen. You should be grateful for that. But anyways, hope we can try to be pals again.

Posted By: 2007/04/05 06:00:10 PM
how about we start acting more mature towards eachother. I am done with the whole "fake" thing.

Posted By: 2007/04/05 05:58:18 PM
its ok. I dont need proof.

Posted By: ♥Smores♥ 2007/04/05 12:46:49 PM
i have been yelled at for so long......

Posted By: Fade 2007/04/05 12:38:38 PM
I know how you feel smores...I got yelled at for having two accounts! but hings are better now...and i needed to be yelled at :)

Posted By: ♥Smores♥ 2007/04/05 09:22:34 AM
ok but thats my sister ok i can prove in a matterr of fact ill take a pic of both of us, and post it up here ok? im for real this time guys and im ready to start over.

Posted By: Fade 2007/04/05 12:45:35 AM
7 accounts?

Posted By: 2007/04/04 06:39:21 PM
wait, blame her? wtf! dewd, YOU started it. dont blame your "sister" or if your making this up, dont try to find an excuse. alot of us couldve forgaven you if you stopped making excuses.

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